Four Realms Series


World building is tricky business as an author, but laying the foundation of Realms was so important in this series to establish “the rules” which govern how, where and when the supernatural and human characters can interact. These rules remain in concrete for credibility and authenticity of the stories, but characters can surprise you, even as an author, when a character who you think you know turns out to be something else entirely!

Welcome to the Four Realms!

In the beginning, the ancestral powers created four realms – Olympus, Titus, Faery, and Earth.

Gaia, known as Mother Earth to humans, created Earth Realm.  When the Olympian Gods grew bored after conquering the Titans, they toyed with humans, wreaking havoc and destruction. In response, Gaia banished the Gods from Earth Realm to protect her chosen race from the whims of the powerful Olympians, and declared Earth Realm magic-barren to dissuade the supernaturals of the other realms from interfering with humans. But Gaia couldn’t bear to isolate Earth Realm completely.

She left a magical connection to Faery Realm intact. Fey can (and do) move freely among all four realms with the assistance of a bridge, or magical connection point, between the realms. Powerful fey can create bridges, though most Fey use existing connection points, as creating a bridge is dangerous and power-draining, sometimes fatal.

Other than Fey, the only other supernatural who can travel to and from Earth Realm is a Custodaris.  Custodari are trusted servants in Olympus, and have been bestowed the unique ability to open a portal between realms to travel back and forth.

Gods are forbidden, not only to be a Custodaris themselves, but also to travel with them.  Only a supernatural – Olympian, Fey, or Titan ( where their descendants still exist) – can travel through a portal with a Custodaris. However, a very powerful faery can usher a human through a bridge into one of the three supernatural realms.

The Gods and all the realms’ inhabitants draw magical power from the natural elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.